Supporting the development of our regions and youth

Innovus and Bacchus are non-governmental non-profit organizations, the first based in Lučenec, in the center of the historical region of Novohrad, and the second in the Czech Republic, focused on the Moravian region.

The aim of the organizations is to build cooperation with local and foreign special organizations and communities of young people, to organize study sightseeing routes, to develop activities at the regional and national level, to organize trainings, workshops, seminars and discussions, to organize interesting activities for children and young people.

Where the past meets the future

Kráľovský vřšok is a project of a comprehensive revitalization of the area in the Lučenec part of Malá Ves, including the reconstruction of the manor house, built on the foundations of the original large baroque manor house with a historic well.

The intention is to create an interesting connection between the historical (past) and environmental (future) aspect of the development area and to build a unique environmental, educational and suburban recreational natural – historical zone.