Comprehensive consultation in construction and implementation of constructions

We provide complex consulting services in the field of planning, engineering, procurement and construction. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the construction industry, we are able to ensure the maximum quality of construction at the most reasonable price by using suitable building materials. The requirements and interests of the client are our number one priority and state-of-the-art work is one of our core values.

We make every effort to provide a rational and economical solution for the implementation of investment projects. During the construction, regular reporting to the investor is a matter of course, including detailed documentation and transparent financial statements of the construction in accordance with international standards.


Project planning and preparation
  • –  Brief preparation for the engineer’s office
  • –  Selection of the general project engineer
  • –  Consulting in the process of preparation of project documentation
  • –  Compilation of project management – leading of the project manager, evaluation of performance
  • –  Update of the construction costs during the design process
Engineering activity
  • –  Obtaining the necessary permits for construction
  • –  Assessment of budget costs and construction schedule
  • –  Cost optimization proposal according to the submitted project documentation
Procurement and tender
  • –  Preparation of documents for the selection of the contractor
  • –  Addressing potential suppliers and implementation of tenders
  • –  Management of individual rounds of tenders (I., II., III.)
  • –  Evaluation of offers and negotiation with potential suppliers
  • –  Proposal of cost-saving variants, recommendation of the most suitable solution
  • –  Representation in negotiations on contractual terms, design and preparation of contracts
Realization and management of construction
  • –  Setting up the implementation team, proposal of the implementation sequence
  • –  Selection of construction supervision
  • –  Continuous quality control of ongoing works
  • –  Assistance in designing the optimal solution in case of changes compared to the project documentation in the process of construction


  • Construction of new family house David, Banská Bystrica
  • Construction of the new polyfunctional house Na hrebienku, Bratislava
  • Reconstruction of the national monument Kaštieľ in Mala Ves, Lučenec


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