Where wood becomes smart

VALASAHA Group is a global trading and solution providing company in forestry and wood sector with focus on sustainability and innovations.

VALASAHA has its roots in Europe but is active on a global scale. Company currently covers 5 subsidiaries and each of them is led by local professionals in the wood sector and focused on a selected wood species and products.

As a responsible company, VALASAHA tries to maximize the social, economic, and environmental value of wood for now and for future generations, whilst constantly working to improve its business processes to minimize its environmental impact. Company supports the green way of the world economy, the alignment of the economic growth with the command of environmental protection and the creation of a new sustainable social model which change the global position of forestry.

VALASAHA is a proud holder of the PEFC and FSC certifications which declare that the forests, harvested wood, and subsequent products, which the company works with, are grown and processed in a sustainable way and are from proven sources.