Since 26th of May 2021, Zvoimpex, a.s. is operating under a new name – VALASAHA Group, a.s. A new concept of the wood division will be announced soon.

Devoted to wood

The wood division currently consists of Zvoimpex and Millwood in the Slovak Republic and Tilian in the Czech Republic. The goal of all companies is the continuous development with a focus on forestry and wood sector, such as farming, logging, trading and processing of value-added products.

Zvoimpex uses its network of business partnerships to ensure that each piece of valuable wood uses the right purpose and use. Company is a holder of PEFC and FSC certification, which guarantees that forests and the wood raw material extracted from them, as well as other wood products that are supplied, are grown and processed in a sustainable way and are from proven sources. In addition, it is actively involved in the development of the timber sector through investments in IT infrastructure and the development of innovative applications.